FM, ambassadors of five group discuss Riyadh Agreement

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September Net

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad al-Hadhrami discussed Thursday with Ambassadors of the Permanent Members of Security Council Riyadh Agreement between the government and the Southern Transitional Council and Houthi militia’s recent attacks on Mocha and Duraihimy.

Al-Hadhrami informed the ambassadors on the articles of the agreement and the timetable for implementing it, as well as efforts exerted by the government to reach to the agreement. He praised efforts of Saudi Arabia for its role in signing the agreement, which will contribute in unifying the national front against Iranian-Houthi agenda in Yemen.

Al-Hadhrami confirmed that this agreement boosts national principles led by security and unity of Yemeni territories under the new federal Yemen.

“Riyadh Agreement is a valuable chance for unifying fronts and solving the reasons of the sorrowful incidents the Transitional Capital Aden has witnessed during past August,” said al-Hadhrami, pointing out that this agreement will work on boosting the state institutions’ authorities, including the Parliament and unifying all military and security forces under the ministries of defense and interior.

He called ambassadors of the five group to support the government’s efforts for providing services to citizens and improving economic situation and realizing security and stability, pointing to Houthi recent shelling on Mocha and Druaihimi districts.
For their part, the ambassadors welcomed signing Riyadh Agreement, praising president’s efforts for reaching to the agreement and praised Saudi active role.

The ambassador confirmed that the agreement represents a key step in boosting security and stability in Yemen and serves efforts of realizing inclusive peace.

They renewed their countries’ support to Yemen in all steps it will take for realizing security and stability and improving people living conditions.


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