FM, Head of RCC discuss militia’s recent escalations

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami met Wednesday with the Head of the United Nations’ Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) General Abhitit Guha.

The session aimed to discuss the latest developments about the implementation of Hodeidah agreement including the recent escalations by Houthi militia in al-Doryhmi and al-Mukha.

The conversations focused on the RCC’s course of action and obstacles it has been facing.

Al-Hadrami has made it clear that the recent escalations and violations are unjustified, must be overtly denounced. He stated that the government is insisting on the full implementation of the Hodeidah agreement including the withdrawal of Hodeidah’s city and seaports, open humanitarian routes.

For his part general Guha appreciated the government’s support and cooperation. He affirmed that he is very keen to implement Hodeidah agreement to secure safe routes for humanitarian convoys and the movement of the peoples.


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