Yemen, Morocco hold consultative meeting on anti-corruption

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A consultative meeting held Friday in Rabat between Yemen’s Supreme National Anti-
Corruption Committee (SNACC) and the National Commission for Integrity and Anti-

The Chairwoman of SNACC Afrah Baduwailan and the Head of the Moroccan National
Commission for Integrity and Anti-Corruption Mohammad al-Rashidi presided over the
meeting, which discussed cooperation between the two authorities and possible signature
of a memo of understanding for program plan during the forthcoming two months.

The meeting confirmed creating cooperation tracks for boosting capabilities of Yemeni cadre
in SNACC and providing support for exchanging expertise and experiences between the two

” Cooperation horizons with Morocco in this field represents significant step for Yemen’s
authority and regains a key part of its leading role, which is a real pillar in our way for
regaining the state of Yemen and boosting the rule of law and peace,” said Baduwailan.

For his part, the Moroccan official confirmed readiness of his country’s authority on
providing different forms of support and experiences for boosting capabilities of the Yemeni
national authority.


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