President Hadi conducts phone calls to Defense Minister, Governors of Marib, Al-Jawf, Sana’a

President 0 H.k

September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi- Commander- in -Chief- conducted separately Monday telephone calls with Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed Ali al-Maqdashi, Governor of Marib Maj. General Sultan al-Arradah, Governor of Al-Jawf Maj. Gen. Ameen al-Aukaimi and Governor of Sana’a Maj. General Abdullqawi Sharif.

In his phone conversations, President Hadi intended to get familiar with the developments about combat operations in the battlefields where the army forces have been battling the Houthi militiamen in different fronts.

The President praised the sacrifices have been made by the army troops to defend the Republican regime, country’s unity and dignity of the Yemeni people against the Houthi militia’s coup and rebellion.

The Minister of Defense and governors detailed the President on the ongoing combat operations in the different flashpoints.


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