President Hadi receives Commander of the American Central Command

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September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi received on Tuesday the Commander of the American Central Command General Keneth Mackinzi

The discussions focused on the Yemeni-American bilateral relations and cooperation with the aim of further boosting the cooperation to serve the mutual interests of the two friendly countries.

The conversations also touched upon the Iranian interferences and support to the Houthi militia including supplying the militiamen with sophisticated weapons, ballistic missiles and drones and remote controlled boats.

President Hadi praised strategic cooperation between the two countries in counter-terrorism and Iranian expansion policy and its tools in the region including Houthi militia.

Hadi stated that the ongoing military escalations by Houthi militia carried out per Iranian directives as a reaction to the killing of Qasim Soleimani. He cited the attack against a mosque in Marib that killed some 115 of the armed forces personnel in the Fourth Brigade Presidential Guards.

President Hadi said it is in the interest of everybody to stop the Iranian expansion in the region as it poses an existential threat to the region and the world as well.

General Mackinzi stressed the importance of the Yemeni-American cooperation and this session came to further enhance the cooperation and coordination.

He extended his condolences to President Hadi on the victims of the Houthi assault on the mosque in Marib.

The American commander confirmed his country’s support to Yemen and President Hadi’s legal leadership in countering the Iranian’s tools in the region including Houthi militia.

He stated that it is very important to activate the Yemeni coast guards’ role in combating the Iranian weapons smuggling to Houthi militiamen.

Director of the Office of the Republic Presidency Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi was in attendance.


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