Al-Brakani, British Ambassador discuss peace efforts

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September Net

Speaker of Parliament Sultan al-Brakani conferred Tuesday with British Ambassador to Yemen Michael Aran over underway efforts to reach political solution and establish sustainable peace in Yemen.

Al-Brakani praised the great efforts have been made by the UN’s Special envoy to reach an inclusive common outlook to move forward to comprehensive political process aiming to put an end of the Yemeni crisis.

The Speaker of Parliament re-stated that the political leadership headed by President Hadi is very keen to achieve peace and put an end of the Yemeni peoples’ suffering caused by Iran-allied Houthi militia’s coup.

Al-Brakani stressed that it is very important to move forward toward implementing Riyadh Agreement, get rid of every obstacle and initiate practical steps in this regard.

For his part, the British diplomat appreciated the Yemeni government’s position and Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s stance in support of the ongoing efforts to achieve peace and get comprehensive political solution, voicing hope that all stakeholders will respond and work together to make the UN envoy’s efforts and suggestions successful about the political settlement.

He stated that the propositions suggested by the UN’s envoy incorporate realistic solutions to the issues facing the Yemeni people.

Aron stated confirmed that the International Community supports the proposals presented by the UN’s envoy and the implementation of Riyadh Agreement because this is the ideal solution to the crisis in Yemen.

The British Ambassador reiterated his country’s stance in support of Yemen’s security, stability, unity its territorial integrity.


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