Statement issued by the joint campaign to hunt down outlaw elements in Marib


September Net

The joint campaign to hunt down the outlaw elements in Marib al-Wadi district, on Monday issued a statement that September Net obtained a copy of it saying that the army and security forces supported by the tribesmen of Abeida tribe on Monday, June 29, 2020, dealt with the outlaw elements .

The statement added that these elements are directly linked to the carrying out of terrorist and destabilizing operations.

They were also working by all means to undermine security and stability to disrupt the public tranquility in Marib province, serving the Houthi rebel militia coup objectives, the statement said.

The statement confirmed the end of the operation in the early hours, stressing that these criminal elements led by Mohsen Saleh Sibia’n were involved in acts of undermining, including attacks on army forces and security checkpoints in al-Wadi district.

The statement added that on the evening of Sunday, June 28, 2020, the outlaw elements attacked a number of citizens from the region, and started shooting at them, forcing the army and security forces to intervene, and to deal firmly with those elements, who are a tool to implement agendas that seek to spread instability and terrorism, and damage the security and stability of the province and its vital facilities.

The operation succeeded in sparing civilians any harm and eight of the outlaw elements were killed as well as confiscated quantities of weapons, and other seizures.


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