Yemen Indicators Economy Collapse Under the Houthi Coup

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*. US$4.8 billion, looting of Foreign Currency reserves.
*. US$3.5 billion, the public budget deficit in 2016.
*. $US5.4 billion, loss of public revenues.
*. 23 billion dollars, the internal debt of Yemen.
*. $US2.6 billion, looting from electricity generation allocations.
*. $US2 billion, looting from the allocations of the Ministry of Defense.
*. $US8 billion, loss of oil and gas revenue export moratorium.
*. 12 billion dollars, losses of the tourism sector.
*. $US2.1billion, losses of the agricultural sector.
*. $US2.2 billion, losses of the electricity sector.
*. $US2.5 billion, losses of the transport sector.

* Source: Studies Center and Economic Media (SCEM)


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