Defeat Cholera.. Children of Yemen Deserve life

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By: Ameen Aljaradi

I am deeply saddened by UNICEF’s concern about the outbreak of cholera in Yemen.

UNICEF estimates that the number of cases in Yemen will reach 300,000 next week and half of cholera cases are reported to be children.

Painful international statements, for example, cholera next month can quadruple to reach 300 thousand people.

Of course, the years of war in Yemen – since Houthi-Saleh took power – led to a complete collapse of the country’s infrastructure and destroyed the country’s stagnant economy.

There is no doubt that cholera is one of the most prevalent diseases in poor countries, which are riddled with political differences and wars. This is due to the absence of health care, the lack of safe drinking water, malnutrition, and so on.

In the face of these concerns, we hope that the neighboring countries, especially the GCC countries and the international community, will at least alleviate the incidence of cholera and reduce the number of deaths.


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