Al-Jouf: the National Army Executes Quality Operations in the Frontlines of the Salan, Ham and Al-Saqiya

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SeptemberNet- The National Army Forces launched an offensive attack on the positions of the militia in the Salan Front.

According to field sources for the “SeptemberNet” that the national army broke into a number of sites after the escape of elements of the militias, and the capture equipment of militia communications and medium weapons and ammunition.
Field sources said the National Army forces confronted the attempted infiltration by the militia coup on the fronts of Ham and Saqiya. The sources added that the coup militias suffered heavy losses in life and ammunition before withdrawing from the clashes and fleeing.

The sources said that the army forces bombed today the movements of militias in the workshop farm with afake front north of the Mtoon district. The coup militias had suffered two days before the loss of its elements and many of its were killed, including senior leaders. While others were injured in clashes with the National Army forces in the same district.


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