The National Army Controls Al-Sahaf Mount East of Sana’a.

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SeptemberNet:The National Army was able to control Al-Sahaf Mountain
in Nhamh district east of Sana’a.

According to military sources for the SeptemberNet, the national army
liberated Mount Saabah after violent confrontations with the militias
lasted three days during which the militias suffered heavy losses in
lives and equipment.

The sources added that the forces of the National Army liberated a
number of the Al-Khal strategic mountain from the grip of the militia,
and assuring that the mountain becomes liberated completely.

At the same time, the fighting between the national army and the
militia is intensifying in the areas of Al-Madfoun, Al-Hool,Bran, Bani
Faraj and Jabal Yam in the same district.


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