Intensified Fighting in Nihm and the National Army Continues to Progress Towards the Capital

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SeptemberNet- The National Army intensified fighting in Nihm Front, seems to be a practical interpretation of the decision to resolve the battle on this most difficult geographic area.

In a telephone call with SeptemberNet, a senior military commander, who preferred not to be named, said that, the national army is making qualitative progress according to the drawn plans.

The military commander confirmed that the national army has taken control of more than 90 percent of the Nihm district with the terrain that prevents the use of traditional combat tactics.

“The militia resorted to put more obstacles in the way of the national army progress, planted thousands of the anti-personnel mines, matched with the mountainous environment.These are the reasons that have prolonged the time of the battle in Nihm”.the military commander said.

During the past two days, the national army made further progress, managed to liberate Al-Safih Mount, after three days of fierce fighting. The militia fled towards the areas known as Al-Madfoon, where the army fought with it a chase there.

Progress has not been limited to Al-Safih Mount, but there has been progress not far from it in the mountainous region of Al-Kuhel where army has controlled much.

The militia suffered a number of casualties during the fighting on Saturday, while martyring the Major General Hamid Altweiti, commander of the brigade 29 Mika.

A military source in Niham said that the martyr Brigadier General Humaid Al-Twiti was shot dead by a militia sniper at a location very close to the road line during his inspection hours after his forces stormed the sites.

The National Army in the front paid a great price for those victories. Brig. Gen. Al-Tuwaiti, who rejected the Houthi offers in Sana’a was the last one.

He moved to Marib as commander of the 29th Brigade (the Giants) and fought bravely alongside his men in all locations.

According to the sources, the battles are still burning, and the coming hours are filled with various surprises.


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