WHO: Children and Elderly in Yemen Hardest Hit by Cholera

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The World Health Organization (WHO) spokeswoman in Geneva, Fadela
Chaib, confirmed that, most cholera vulnerable groups in yemen, are
children under the age of 15 who make up 55 percent of the population
and those over the age of 60 who represent 33 per cent of the deaths.

Shayeb confirmed that the number of cases of suspected cholera in
Yemen reached 100 thousand cases, including 791 deaths until 7 June

Al-Shayeb explained that the World Health Organization (WHO) and
UNICEF are doing their best to expand interventions in Yemen to reduce
the spread of the disease.

The country’s health system was destroyed during two years of
conflict, causing the destruction of important infrastructure due to
Some 14 million people lack access to clean water and sanitation.


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