A pharmacist doctor was killed and another injured by militia gunmen in Ibb

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A pharmacist doctor, Montasser al-Baadani was killed early Tuesday in the province of Ibb, and at least one citizen injured by militia gunmen.

Al-Baadani was killed in clashes between the militia and the citizens in the middle of the old city, local sources said to SeptemberNet.

The militia surrounded Al-Thalathah neighborhood of Ibb for the third day. A random bullet was fired at civilians in the streets, alleys and homes, the last victim was the pharmacist, Montasser al-Baadani, The sources said.

The clashes in the old city of Ibb three days ago, that due to differences between militia militants and others loyal to them from the family of the Al-Gharbani, which is being chased by the militia, sources said.

Over the past three days, clashes in the densely populated old city have left at least three civilians dead and 10 others injured.


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