Army artillery and coalition air raids continue to bomb the positions of the militia in Hajjah

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SeptemberNet- A number of fronts in Medi witnessed bloody confrontations between the national army forces and the armed militia, accompanied by air strikes and intensive artillery shelling.

The artillery of the national nrmy targeted the positions of the militia in several areas of the Medi district, military sources told SeptemberNet.

Attempts infiltration of militia elements failed, after tracking movements towards some sites of the army and forced them to flee, causing heavy losses in militia equipment and the fall of a number of dead and injured in its ranks.

The Arab coalition fighters launched a number of air strikes targeting the positions of the militia in the outskirts of the Medi district and Al-Kas area.

In the neighboring front of Haradh, the national army artillery intensified artillery shelling targeted the positions of the militia in Wadi bin Abdullah and the west of Haradh city, and other sites scattered.

The militia deployed dozens of snipers on the roofs of hotels and buildings in the public street in Haradh city, in anticipation of any progress made by the national army.


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