The Army progresses in Al-Kadaha and controls a number of buildings on the eastern of Taiz

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SeptemberNet- National army forces have advanced, control of a number of positions on the eastern and western front of Taiz city after fierce battles with the militia on Thursday.

The national army forces have taken control of Al-Qanas, Al-Hamraa, and the health unit and Al-Hamraa village and Al-Kadarah area in the front of Al-Maafer district west of Taiz, SeptemberNet correspondent said.

The army launched a large-scale attack on the positions of the militia in a number of hurdles followed by violent confrontations during which the militia suffered dozens of dead and injured.

On the eastern front of Taiz, the army was able to impose its control on a number of buildings overlooking the school of Mohammed Ali Osman and the eastern neighborhoods adjacent to the Al-Tashrifat camp and the presidential palace.

The army achieved this progress after fierce battles in the region with the militia and was able to reach the southern entrance to the Al-Tashrifat camp.


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