The militia sells the land of Ibb University and the sports stadium for 20 years

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SeptemberNet- The coup militia in Ibb province sold the lands of Ibb university, and the sports stadium building to one of the influential character for twenty years, changed it into a playground in return.

The land of Ibb university and the stadium was attacked on Thursday by two vandals under the pretext of setting up a playground.

Considering it contrary to the law and the public interest, the rector of the university Tariq Al-Mansoub, appointed by militia, said.

Al-Mansoub sent a message on his Facebook page stating that the university leadership had moved with the security director to stop the attack on the university grounds and the grounds of the stadium adjacent to the university, but they reported that the aggressors had a license from the local authority.

The university presidency expressed its rejection of the assault on and manipulation of the university’s lands, as well as the grounds of the sports stadium benefiting the youth in Ibb.

It will not allow any of those abuses that have become part of the daily scene in the province of Ibb, the presidency of the university confirmed.

In the course of the looting of land in Ibb province, extortionists returned to seize the land of Awqaf in Ibb city under the control of the militia.

According to local residents, the extortionists began to destroy the courtyard of the Tawheed mosque in the area of the Al- Aeen north of Ibb to provide a piece of land to be built for one of the influential character.


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