Chief of General Staff inspects fighting fronts in Jawf

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SeptemberNet- On Thursday, the head of the General Staff, Major General Mohammad Ali Al-Maqdashi, inspected a number of combat fronts in Jouf province.

The chief of staff was briefed on the readiness of units from the Sixth Military Zone, especially the 1st Brigade, Border Guards, Al-Nasr Brigade and the Banat Camp.

Major General Al-Maqdashi is moving in the positions of the army on the fronts of Sabreen and Al-Khanjer, praising the victories of the national army and defeating the enemy from vast areas towards Sa’ada governorate, which will have a date soon with the return of the state and its institutions .

He also conveyed the greetings of His Excellency the President of the Republic, his deputy and the Prime Minister, stressing that the battle needs more bravery and patience, especially in the next stage.

During the meeting, the chief of staff expressed his thanks and appreciation to the region’s leadership for its achievements and victories and its interest in upgrading the regional units and forces.

He praised the strong and active role of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

During the visit, he was accompanied by the Chairman of the Human Resources Authority, Major General Mohammed Al-Wadri.


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