Gen. Ameen al-Waeli:National Army besieges the Houthi stronghold.

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September Net-

Commander of 6th Military Region Maj. Gen. Ameen al-Waeli says National Army is besieging Saada province,the Houthi stronghold.

Gen. al-Waeli added in a statement Tuesday that army advanced towards the city Saada from the north,east  and west ,leaving the militias with an outlet  in the south, saying that that the army is dealing with situation in the south for cutting off supply routes to militias.

The military commander pointed out that the national army advanced on all fronts overlooking the 6th military district. In addition, insurgents received military reinforcements from the republican guard, but the army was able to cut them off, which greatly affected the morale of the militias and forced them to retreat from some areas.

He said that preliminary investigations with militants confirmed the participation of experts from Iran, Iraq and Lebanese “Hezbollah” commanders.

Gen. Waeli also stressed that the Ansar Allah group are not welcome in Saadah, which is facilitating the military’s mission of cleansing the city of militias.
As for the militias’ arms smuggling, he disclosed that the rate of these operations has dropped, but the insurgents still receive military support from Sana’a. The army is dealing with the smuggling in all possible means in order to neutralize the effect of the weapons, he stressed


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