One more battle for legitimacy in the face of the coup

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By/Khalil Al-Zakari -September Net.
Yemen legitimate government is preparing to hold the first session of the parliament in August next in the temporary capital, the southern port city of Aden.

Two months ago, the government approved the transfer of the parliament and held meetings from the capital Sana’a, which controlled by the militia coup.

Last June, President Hadi held an extensive meeting with members of the parliament in Riyadh as part of arrangements for the resumption of the work of parliament from the interim capital of Aden.

Parliamentary sources said that the important next step of the legitimate government is to exercise the work of parliament from Aden, move its sessions and practice its role in legislation and oversight. That what should be done after ensuring the participation and attendance of 138 members, the number required to complete quorum.

According to Yemeni observers, the transfer of parliament is another battleground that is being waged with the militia of the coup.

The legitimate government is seeking to complete the transfer and reconstruction of its constitutional institutions. Therefore, removal the rest of them from Sanaa in a step parallel to the military operations, to end the coup.

The sources revealed that the government will call the current speaker of parliament from Sanaa, and if not present will be elected a new president and a new presidency.

The sources confirmed that the government is currently making arrangements for safe housing in Aden, in addition to contacts with members of parliament abroad to participate in the meetings.

According to observers, the government’s moves in this direction paid to Saleh-Houthi ally for its failure, where Saleh called on the deputies of his party abroad to return and threatened to withdraw confidence if they abstain.

The ally of the coup militia in Sanaa tried to hold parliamentary sessions with the members in the last two days, adopting an initiative related to the United Nations plan to hand over the port of Hodeidah. However, it highlighted a deep conflict between the partners of the coup and after the ousted Saleh talks about all the Yemeni airports and ports.

Saleh and Houthi were accused of treason and corruption. They ended with the transfer of Houthi politician Hassan Zayd and Al-Mu’ain as minister of youth and sports in the unrecognized coup government. Besides, referral of the pro-militia parliamentarian Ahmad Saif Hashad to the constitutional committee.

This exposes the depth of the collapse and cracking experienced by the ally of the coup at a time when feel they lose everything in their hands at the military and political levels. And perhaps Saleh alone knows what the fall of Khalid bin Walid Camp does mean.

Observers approve that the legitimate government has succeeded in its political battle with the forces of coup. It has worked in a qualitative and intelligent manner to move the conflict into these forces.

Yemen legitimate government has many strengths that supposed to operate at a high pace in parallel with its military field progress to accelerate the complete collapse and to eliminate the coup.

As for the ally of Saleh-Houthi during the last period, so far the observer recognizes the extent of improvisation, confusion and unilateralism in dealing with many issues.

As the battle of legitimacy took greater military, political and economic level with the forces of coup, it is able to create confusion in the structure of the ally Saleh-Houthi.

Yemen legitimate government needs serious arrangements in the reconstruction of constitutional institutions and executive.

It must focus on the formation of the historic mass to move the national project to an end, as it contained in the outputs of the national dialogue and the building of the federal state.




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