Rebel militia assault mothers of prisoners in Sana’a

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September Net-
Armed members of the Saleh-Houthi coup militia assaulted several women who were staging a rally before the ICRC premises in Sana’a on Sunday to protest at the militias’ violations against their children in prison cells.

The Houthi militants dispersed the rally of by force, chased the women and tried violently to snatch the mobile phones from them to prevent them from taking footages of their rally.

The League of Abductees Mothers, as they call themselves, denounced the international silence on the Houthi violations against their imprisoned children; binding by chains and shackles, blindfolding and denial of food and medicines to their sons in the Political Security (intelligence) jails.

The women in their rally called on the ICRC to pay a visit to the intelligence prisons to press the militias into treating them humanely.



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