Saada..surprise attack on coup militia in Buqa ,airstrike kills field commander

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September Net-
A coup militia field leader was killed by Arab coalition air raid on the border in Saada while NA forces launched a surprise attack on the militia sites, in Thar Selh front North Saada province.

The leader of the militia, Hussein Rajeh was killed on Sunday along with a number of his escorts in an air strike by coalition fighters in Saada governorate .

Meantime, the NA forces in the “Fatah” brigade waged surprise attack on the militia sites in Thar selh front in al-Buqa front north Saada, sources told September Net .Fierce clashes erupted ,following the attack,between the army and the Militia coup, who suffered deaths and injures among their ranks , and quantities of weapons and military equipment were captured by the NA .


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