Houthis’ violations threat International Navigation in Red Sea

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September Net-

The Coup militias continued to violate the freedom of the international maritime traffic, that they warned publicly in statement , to turn the international navigation to a ” war ground” , which signal a serious escalation against navigation in the Red See.

This came a day after they targeted the Mocha port using an explosive-laden boat hit pier near a group of anchoring ships, causing no causalities. And it wasn’t the first attack by rebels in the Red Sea ; they have targeted before US naval vessels, a Saudi naval frigate and humanitarian ships.

Observers have said the coup militias are driving Yemen into a big scale of conflict , and their unaccountable reckless acts would cause yemen ports and international shipping lines much damge.

” what the Houthi militias conducted is a clear massage that they are against international efforts of UN special envoy to Yemen , and they realize the gravity of the situation following their defeats of the western coast, therefore they announce readiness to ignite new war against Yemen and World”, said media and journalist, Tarik Almekhlafi.

For his part, military expert Abdul Aziz Almajidi said on Balqees Chanel, that the capability of militias to threaten navigation is too weak, they just want to hide defeats they incured in west coast.

Meantime, political activist Ahmed Mohamed siad ” the statement of Houthi insurgents is a flagrant violation to international conventions and treaties in this regard, is disturbing international peace and security and obstruct the movement of trade and delivering of essential goods to meet the needs of people, adding these practices are not surprising for militias, who have been exercising many violations against Yemenis.

In the same development, journalist Mansor Ahmed viewed attack on Mocha port by suicide boat is a proof that Houthi-Saleh militias regret the falling of Khalid Camp , which is the second largest military base in Yemen , after alAnad base, and the biggest Houthi-controled military settlement. In addition , it’s centering five west coastal districts of Taiz ( Mauza’ , Dobab, Mocha, Alwazia, Makbanah, Almafer) , two overlook Bab Almandab trait and international navigation line , while the rest constitute a security circle to international navigation in the trait and Red Sea.

Apparently, the threat to turn the Red Sea to blood see by the coup militias is only a statement it can’t , nor will execute . It was a pre-emptive act out of fear from any future attack toward the city of Hodeidah and its port, the last arms smuggling line for militias. They also sought to draw attention of UN and supreme countries by sending a message that if Legitimate forces backed by Arab Coalition march toward Hodeidah, they would attack the international navigation.



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