83rd Brig. marks 2nd anniversary of liberating AlDhale

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September Net-

On Tuesday, the Guidance Counseling Division ( GCD) of the 83rd Artillery Brigade in Muris held a cultural and intellectual seminar on the second anniversary of completing the liberation of al-Dhale governorate.

During the event ,commander of 83rd Brigade, Brig.Gen. Abdullah Muzahim talked about phases PR went through during the process of liberating , and that al-Dhale was then the first governorate liberated from coup militias.

For their part, speakers at the seminar highly praised the pivotal role of the Popular Resistance leader, Brig. General Nasr Saleh Alraibah ,for his planning and waging an operation ended up with recapturing al-Sadrain Camp , therefore Houthi-Saleh militants were forced out of Qotuba and Dimt to Ibb’s Ba’adan and Radmah boarders.

The seminar was attended by Senior military commanders , PR leaders and chief of security departments and number of GCD of 83rd Artillery Brig. in Muris, Gibn and Damt.



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