NA continues to advance in Taiz , achieves new victories

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September Net-

The National Army is continuing its military operations launched days ago aiming to liberate the west Front of Taiz city .

” The NA forces staged on Friday an offensive on the sites of Houthi-Saleh militias in northern areas of Han mountain and vicinity of Hedran villages , achieving new victories after fierce fighting with coup insurgents”, September Net correspondent reported.

The west Front of Han Mountain witnessed same battles between NA and Coup militants coincides with missive artillery shelling on the militia’s positions located in Hedran Valley and around Alkarn and mo ‘ kana hills.

The battles expanded to areas eastern Almona’m Mountain where NA artillery poured rebels’ sites with missiles. While in Madarat the NA recaptured Aleesa’e Depository and 30 street junction , last rebels checkpoint toward Ghurab area.

” violent confrontations are still ongoing amid heavy artillery bombs on positions of coupists beside Margarine and Soap Factory ( MNF) and Shara’b junction, as NA Forces trying to regain 50th St. and move forward for MNF” , our correspondent cited field sources .

Number of rebel militants were killed including seven at Yassin Hill , while eight others were imprisoned by NA. Sources siad NA heroes slowly advance in west Front due to density of mine fields planted by coupists in Hansh valley , Madarat as well as due to many snipers .

From west front to the easternsouth front particularly Alselo district, which witnessed sporadic clashes and artillery shelling between NA and Houthi-Saleh militants who sent extra reinforcements to support its front .

On Thursday, the coup militants sustained heavy troops and equipments losses, over 20 of them were killed , and 45 others injured. Consequently they responded by massively artillery bombs and missiles on several residential villages , leaving one woman killed , and serious damages on villagers houses.



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