Third batch of counterterrorism forces graduate in 1st Mil. Region

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September Net-
A third batch of counterterrorism forces celebrated their graduation in the First Military Region in Sayoon, Hadhramout, on Tuesday.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Governor for Wadi and Desert Affairs Esam al-Kathiri and the Region commander Maj. Gen. Saleh Taymas.

“The First Military Region will be a security valve for all decisions the political leadership takes and we will work to maintain security in the Wadi and desert Hadhramout areas in particular and in Yemen in general,” said Taymas.

He praised the Arab Coalition and Saudi Arabia in particular for training this batch of counter terrorism troopers.

In April 2016Yemeni forces declared that they had captured al-Qaeda’s last stronghold after forcing the group from major cities including the Arabia Sea city of Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadhramout.


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