NA’s military operations continue in Taiz

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September Net-

On Tuesday, the National Armed Forces continued the military operations to liberate the west front of Taiz city from Houthi-Saleh militias.

” Sporadic clashes with coup rebels erupted in the vicinity of Madarat area, al-danin Hill and Al-Hanger checkpoint, to which the militias send intense reinforcements from  their postions at 60th.St, and junction of Sharab”, September Net reporter in the west Front said.

Meantime,  the NA specialized teams are demining and clearing liberated areas ,while rebels detonating more landmines and IEDs to hinder advancement of the NA.

In parallel,  3 militias  elements were killed and others injured when the NA’s artillery shelled their gatherings in Hedran area , in addition to scores killed in clashes .

Moreover,  NA forces had in continuing fighting with the insurgents in al-DababFront, and continuing clashes in district of Maqbanah amid exchangeable shelling in coincidence with more  reinforcements by rebels.

The coup militias ,as always,  continue its shelling and bombing the residential neighborhoods in Old Airport,  Birbasha, 30 St. Hedran and al-Dabab areas.

The Arab Coalition aircrafts bombed militias in Al-kadaha market destroying a tank , and several Houthi-Saleh rebels have been killed and injured.



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