Saudi Crown Prince receives pro-government MPs

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September Net-
The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has received Yemen’s pro-government MPs in Jeddah today.

During the meeting, the chairman of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Ala Al-Sheikh highlighted the bond of fraternity between Yemen and Saudi Arabia as represented in the convening of the meeting.

Ala Al-Sheikh made note of the sacrifices of the Yemeni people for the right cause; the re-establishment of peace and security and sovereignty of their country.

He also referred to King Salman Relief Center’s role in alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people and to Saudi Arabia’s special facilitations offered to Yemeni expats in the kingdom.

The deputy speaker of Yemen’s parliament Mohammed Ashaddadi hailed the Saudi support on all levels to Yemen.

He expressed his confidence that Saudi Arabia will continue to support the Yemeni army to regain the rest of the territories from the rebel Saleh-Houthi militias.

He said that “Yemen’s natural position is amongst its Gulf Cooperation Council brotherly members and therefore it is an urgent necessity and an aspiration of Yemenis that their country is groomed and added a member in the Gulf body.”

The deputy speaker strongly denounced the interference of some organizations and international officials in Yemen’s affairs calling them to stop.

He also renewed Yemen’s support to the international efforts for peace as spearheaded by the UN special envoy to Yemen IsmaiilOuldCheikh Ahmed.



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