Over 20 militia killed,injured in battles with NA in Taiz

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“September Net”

At least 20 militia were killed and several injured Tuesday in violent clashes between NA forces and Houthi – Saleh militias in al-Selw south-east of Taiz.

Fierce battles occurred in al-Sairatain area of of al-Selw between NA and the coup militia amid heavy artillery shelling on several sites of the latter, killing 20 and wounding several others field sources told September Net.


The clashes broke out after a militia attack on al-Manteqa village in which the army managed to confront and forced rebels to retreat after heavy casualties.


In the meantime, the coupists carried out a massive campaign of kidnappings against a number of citizens in Amaq village in al-Selw in response to today’s defeat.




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