Taiz..militias killed ,injured in battles with NA

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September Net.

Fighting renewed on Wednesday between the National Army (NA) and Houthi-Saleh insurgents in northwestern front of Taiz governorate, southwest Yemen.

The confrontations erupted after infiltration attempt by coup militia, accompanied with heavy artillery bombardment , on sites of NA in 40th  St. ,Alzonoj valley, and the vicinity of air defense camp, west of the City, September Net correspondent reported .

The army forces foiled the attempt and forced back the rebels who engendered several killed and injured among their ranks .

In Maqbanah Front , west of Taiz, also witnessed sporadic clashes between the NA forces and putschists in the areas of Madabi, Maidan and mountain of al-Aweid.

Houthi-Saleh militiamen responded to their desperate attempts by heavy fire and artillery missiles on neighborhoods of Maqbanah’ rural villages.



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