Over 20 militia including two leaders killed in battles northern al-Jawf

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September Net.

At least 35 of coup militia ,including two field leaders ,killed and injured during clashes with National Army (NA) in Ham front of al-Muton district northern al-Jawf province,a military source said on Friday.

Col. Hilal al-Mashabab ,the director of Moral Guidance Department of Infa. 122th Brig., told September Net that NA forces managed to ward off ,in the early morning of Friday, an attempt by the insurgents to infiltrate into their sites in al-Warwari hill and Ham mountain,killing at least 20 rebels and wounding  more 15 others.


He added that two field commanders ,known as Musleh Sirhan and Mohammed bin Hiblah , among 20 dead militias while six soldiers were martyred in the battles, noting that the clashes between two sides are still ongoing .


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