Hajjah ..NA forces Made Qualitative Progress in Midi

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September Net.

The National Army forces achieved significant field progress on Sunday and took control of several areas of Midi city in Hajjah province after heavy fighting with Houthi-Saleh militias.


“The NA controlled al-Khazan, al-Thoria neighborhood and al-Madinah hospital in addition to a number of hills in the southeast of Midi,” September Net Correspondent reported.


The coup militia suffered dozens of dead and wounded in the battles as well as heavy losses of military equipment.


In the meantime, the Saudi-led Coalition aircrafts launched several air raids on sites, gatherings and reinforcements belonging to coup militias in Midi and Abs areas of Hajjah.


It is noteworthy that National Army forces have been imposing siege on militias for several weeks, cutting off all supply lines from all directions.




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