New massacre in Taiz as coup militias shell residential areas.

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September Net.

Four civilians ,including two children ,killed and ten others were injured as Houthi-Saleh militias launched heavy artillery shelling targeted the western residential neighborhoods of Taiz city ,September Net correspondent reported on Sunday.

The insurgents stationed in the 50 St.bombed the neighborhoods of Bir- Basha west of the City.

Local eyewitnesses said that two rockets had fallen on a house located in a crowded residential street ,which killed four inhabitants , including two children and wounded ten others, as initial toll.

The eastern neighborhoods of al-Jahmaliah also were bombed by militias’ artillery and mortar.

It’s noteworthy that Houthi-Saleh rebels have been carrying out heavy similar artillery and rockets shelling on a daily basis targeting deliberately residential neighborhoods, leaving large number of citizen victims ,including women and children.



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