PM receives commander of the Saudi forces in Aden

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September Net.

Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghr has held talks with the commander of the Saudi forces in Yemen Brig. Gen. Sultan bin Islam and a number of his comrades in a meeting in al-Maasheeq Presidential Palace in Aden on Sunday.

The premier highlighted the depth of the bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia and the common denominators between the two brotherly countries.

Recalling the Decisive Storm operation, the premier said it came in a defining moment of Yemen’s history and dashed the ambitions of Iran to control Yemen and undermine the security of the whole Arab world and regional waters.

“We will not allow Iran a foothold or the chance to spread its destructive culture and agenda in Yemen. The Yemeni people with Arab backing will rise to failing this agenda,” he said.

“We have to continue today the struggle to liberate the rest of the provinces under the militias’ control and raging aggression. We have to start with Taiz, Yemen’s gateway and victories often begin from there.”

The Saudi commander reviewed the mission of the his forces saying Saudi Arabia and the Arab Coalition will remain supportive to Yemen until the defeat of the enemy.”

The commander unveiled some of the plans to complete the liberation of the areas under the militias’ control.


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