Houthi-Saleh rebels blast house on its inhabitants, killed father, two children in Taiz

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September Net.

The Houthi-Saleh militias  have carried out on Monday a heinous crime targeted a father and his two children in Al-Huban region eastern Taiz governorate.

On Monday morning, the militia rebels stormed a house in the region, trapped it with explosives and then bombed it over the father and his 5-years daughter and 11 old son, eyewitnesses told September Net.

The dead bodies are still missing under the rubles as it were torn into pieces due to the huge explosion.

Following that, the rebels had kidnapped five relative members of the victims.

According to local sources of September Net, the militia committed such crime because a resistance leader, who is  relative to the targeted family, had carried an ambush against a patrol carrying  armed militias, killing three of them.

It is worthnoting that this incident was the last in series in which coup militias have numerously bombed inhabited houses on head of its  people.



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