Chief of Staff: Arab Coalition a turning-point in Arab joint actions

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September Net.
The newly appointed Chief of Staff Maj. General Taher al-Aqeeli said, “the Arab Coalition is a turning point in the Arab joint actions, by which the Yemeni-Saudi and generally inter-Arab relations moved to a new and sophisticated state.”

In a meeting today with L.t Gen. Fahd bin Torki bin Abdulazizthe commander of the Royal Saudi Ground Forcesin the premises of the Joint Forces Command in the Saudi capital Riyadh, al-Aqeeli said, “Yemen’s relations with its Saudi and Gulf neighbors a strategic and none is needless of the other.”

Al-Aqeeli thanked the Arab countries, particularly the command of the Joint Forces,for their historical role.

L.t Gen. Fahd, on his part, affirmed that the Saudi and Arab support for Yemen would continue economically, militarily and security wise to serve the interests of the Yemeni people.

“The battle is going to go on until the achievement of its goals,” he said.


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