Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen stresses institutional building of Defense Ministry

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September Net.
Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh held a meeting with the leaders of the Ministry of Defense to discuss the efforts exerted in the framework of activating the various departments within the ministry.

The Vice President stressed the importance of institutional building in accordance with the regulations in a way that serves to build a national army far from all subnational affiliations and serve the Yemenis and their will.

The meeting discussed the military plans and achievements during the past period and ways to overcome the obstacles, valuing the great role of the Arab Coalition countries and support for the national army.

The vice president praised the efforts of the ministry’s leaders in this field, stressing the need to redouble efforts, dedication and perseverance to ensure success and re-organize the military institution, which the putschists messed with.

For their part, the leaders briefed the Vice President on the level of performance and needs required expressing their appreciation for his and President Hadi’s support.

The meeting was attended by Arab Coalition commanders in Marib, Brigadier General Ali Sayer Al-Anzi and Colonel Turki Al-Harbi.
Separately in the same day, the Vice President held a meeting with the newly appointed Chief of Staff, Major General Dr. Taher Al-Aqili,the heads of authorities within the Defense Ministry and the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, Adel Al-Qumeiri.
The Vice President listened to a briefing on the developments in the battlefields and the efforts to restore the powers and competences of the military institution.

During the meeting, the Vice President conveyed, to the audience, the greetings of His Excellency President AbduRabbu Mansour Hadi.

The vice president praised the heroic performance of the national army in the different combat zones, thanking the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for its support to the state in the battle with the rebel Saleh-Houthi militias.


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