Seven coup militia killed, wounded in failed infiltration eastern Taiz

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September Net.

At least two Houthi-Saleh coup militias were killed and five others were injured in clashes with national army on Thursday eastern Taiz governorate.

The coup militias attempted to sneak into the positions of the army at People’s Palace eastern the city, sparking violent clashes that killed two of them and injured five others, military source told September Net.

The source added that the army forces confronted the infiltrators who wanted to plant explosives devices inside the yards of the Palace which is under the control of the army.

Following their desperate attempt, the putschists reacted with firing indiscriminate Howitzer shells into the high populated neighborhoods eastern the city, causing major damages to residents’ houses and properties.

It’s worth noting that Taiz , Yemen’s third largest city, have been under 3- year-old siege laid by Houth-Saleh rebels, who commit bloody massacres almost every day on civilians, children, women, elderly, through artillery and rocket attacks, the last of which killed and wounded over 20 mostly kids this weak.



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