Heavy clashes, shelling in warfronts of Nihm ,Serwah eastern Sana’a

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September Net.

Violent confrontations sparked on Sunday between the National Army Forces and Houthi-Saleh militias in the warfront of Nihm district eastern the capital Sana’a, leaving a number of deaths and injured among the latter,

Military source for September Net” said the clashes concentrated in al-Madfoon, al-Qatab, Yam mountains and other area of Nihm, where militia incurred heavy casualties, with no specific figures on losses

The source added that the army artillery carried out heavy shelling targeted the positions of rebels in the said areas eastern the capital.

“Several militias were struck between killed killed or injured amid the artillery bombing”.

On the other hand, the warfront of Serwah in Mareb province, eastern the capital too, the forces of the army went through fierce clashes with the rebels of Houthi-Saleh in al-Hamarejah area of Serwah.

September Net’s military source reported that the clashes took heavy losses in life and equipment in the ranks of militias.

The army had intensified, too, artillery and gunfire attacks hit the locations and gatherings of the rebels at the back of Hailan mountains, destroying machines and causing material losses, the source added.

The National Army Forces have been making ground gains and progress pushing back the rebels in those battlefields eastern the capital Sana’a.



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