President Hadi: coup process has gone too far in blatancy

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September Net.
The coup d’état process has gone too far in blatancy to confiscate Yemenis’ first revolution”, said President Abdu R.M Hadi on Monday referring to the Saleh-Houthi alliance’s celebrations of 21st September 2014 coup in a way that wants to overshadow the celebrations of 26th September 1962 the real populist revolution against the coupers’ ancestors.

In an address to the nation on Monday, the eve of the 26th September anniversary, Hadi said: “The coup was not just against the national consensus, represented by the outcomes of the National Dialogue, nor was it limited to the confiscation of the state and sovereign resources for private accounts and did not even stop at undermining the political environment democratic margin. It has rather gone too far in blatancy to confiscate Yemenis’ first revolution.”

“Here are our brave people celebrating their miraculous revolution in their own way, raising the winner sword of September against the enemies and traitors of the republican system.”

“The people’s massive celebration [of their real revolution] for more than a month is a clear message to the new Imamites and their credulous stooges who handed over the country to them,” said Hadi referring to the former President and his followers who assisted the Houthis in the takeover process.

“The fact is that the return of the Imamite (pre-1962 reign of Houthis’ ancestors) did not just harm the Yemeni people, but became a threat to the whole region and the international security and safety.”

Hadi said the state’s agenda is very clear and represents the outcomes of the National Dialogue which aim to create a federal strong Yemen “based on the principles of equality, citizenship, freedom, democracy, respect of human rights, guaranteeing women rights, participation of the youth and achieving the goals of the young people’s revolution and all Yemeni people’s previous struggles.”

Hadi thanked the Arab Coalition for supporting in restoring the Yemeni state and in combating hunger and epidemics which the Saleh-Houthi alliance caused after “plunging the country in war, blockade, destruction, hunger and diseases that the people had long forgotten.”

“Taking a gamble with one’s homeland is a treason and retreat from wron action is a bravery. The nation is larger than spites. We extend our hands for peace based on the three references. Or however long it takes, the people’s hand will reach to you and the punishment will be painful on a par with the pains that you planted in every inch of the country.


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