Peace not in coupist forces’ or Iran’s favour , Saudi Arriyadh daily says

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September Net

The Saudi daily Arriyadh said that Yemeni President Hadi’s address to his nation on Monday, the eve of the 26th September Revolution anniversary, affirms that the peace in the country is not in the coupist [Saleh-Houthi] forces’ nor Iran’s favor.

The editorial said that Iran “wants to the bloodshed in Yemen to continue in order to achieve its agenda of influence expansion under a sectarian cover.” “Stability means nothing to Iran since the lack thereof serves its agenda,” it added.

“The Yemeni people are the first victim of the coup and the foreign agenda inspiring it. They pay a daily price incurred on people’s lives and means of living and life stability.”

The editorial expected Iran to “let down its stooges at some point of time, because, to it, they are just tools for use and dispose.”


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