PM receives congratulations on 26th September Revolution

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September Net.
Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr has receives cables of congratulations from Yemeni governors, military officials, heads of political parties and ambassadors abroad on the 26th September Revolution.

Yemen is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the revolution that toppled the theocrat rule of the Imams, the ancestors of the Houthi militias who took over the capital Sana’a and other parts of Yemen in 2014 plunging the country into a devastating war.

The political leadership received good wishes from inside the country and foreign leaders on the occasion.
The national army held big military parades in different parts of the liberated provinces including in the 5th Military Region in Meedi of Hajjah.

Yemeni diplomatic missions including the embassy in Berlin organized a party on the occasion which was attended by embassy staff and members of the Yemeni community in Germany including students.

On the occasion, the Vice President phone called the governor of Marib, Sultan al-Aradah, and congratulated him on the occasion and the successfully organized celebrations of the anniversary in the city.


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