Over 60 Houthi militias including 3 prominent leaders killed in ten days western Hajjah

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September Net.
A military source told September Net that at least 60 armed militias from the coup d’état have been killed and injured in the past ten days in Haradh city western Hajjah Province, northern the country.

The source said that more than 30 Houthi-Saleh militias were killed in fighting with the army in the boarder city of Haradh, including the religious leader of militia in the province Najeeb Saleh Saleh al-Haimi, the War Media Cameraman Ausamah Ziad Ahmed, and Zaid Ahmed al-Hashi, the son of a prominent figure loyal to ousted Ali Saleh as well as the ground leader Taha Yahya al-Madomi.

The Houthi militias run TV Channel has admitted the killing of al-Haimi, who belonged to Bani Mater distinct in the capital Sana’a, calling him “the Jihadist clerk” who “killed in Karbala Midi”.

Moreover, the religious leader al-Haimi had recruited hundreds of militias sending them to fight against the army mainly in the warfronts Haradh and Midi, the source of the 5th Military Region went on.

According to the source, over 33 armed militias were wounded also in the past ten day during the fighting in the boarder city.

The frontier of Haradh of Hajjah had witnessed fierce battles continued till Thursday between the army and militias, resulted in ground victory and progress for the army in the valley of Bin Abdullah northwest the boarder city Haradh.



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