VP congrats military festivities on 26th September Revolution

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September Net.

Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh has made a phone call Wednesday to the Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Taher al-Uqaili to congratulate him and military units on the successful festivities held in the occasion of 55th anniversary of September 26th Revolution.

Gen. Mohsen said that this year’s celebrations on 26th September Revolution have proved that “it’s impossible for Yemenis to allow the new Imamates to bring the country backward because they had been liberated from slavery and tyranny since 26 Sep.1962 Revolution.”

The Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. al-Uqaili congratulated on his side, on behalf of National Army, the political leadership headed by President Abdu Rabo Mansour on the occasion of 26th September.

“The national army remains committed to its military oath in protecting the gains and objectives of the Revolution and in continuing to exert sacrifices for the homeland”, Gen. al-Uqaili said.



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