National army controls three strategic sites eastern Sana’a

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The National Army Forces have seized control over new strategic positions on Friday, after staging a successful ground attack toward the militia sites at Hailan mountain district of Serwah eastern the capital Sana’a.

Military source told September Net that the army attacked ,early on Friday, several positions where militias stationed at the middle and right sides of the mountain Hailan under heavy artillery cover, achieving a new progress and capturing many sites in these sides.

The army forces was enabled to regain control of these posts: al-Makate, Shabak, and Reliet, adding the fighting between the two sides is still ongoing in the district, the source said.

Simultaneously, the Arab coalition air-fighters had launched Friday seven air raids focused on the positions and crowds of militia in the same district.

The source confirmed that dozens of the Houthi-Saleh militias have been killed and injured in the attack, but there were no specific figures yet.



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