violent clashes, artillery shelling in Serwah, Nihm eastern Sana’a

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Violent clashes erupted on Friday between the national army (NA) forces, backed by Arab coalition airplanes, and Houthi-Saleh insurgents in Nihm and Serwah districts eastern the capital Sana’a.

Local sources told September Net that NA launched fierce attack on the sites of coup militias western Helan mountain, resulted in a number of deaths and injured in the ranks of militias.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition air forces conducted today several airstrikes targeted militias’ positions in Helan mountain, coincided with the army artillery shelling on the same positions.

Meantime , violent battles broke out between the both sides in different areas of Nihm district eastern the capital Sana’a.

Simultaneously, Coalition aircrafts conducted an airstrikes on militias’ locations in Baran area destroying weapons depot in Al-Safeh mountain in Nihm district.



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