First Military Zone graduates 500 soldiers

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A new military batch of 500 soldiers has been graduated in the First Military Zone here on Monday.

“These heroes we are pride of today as graduates will be a new asset for the security of the homeland and citizen and a new blood added to the national army,” said Commander of the First Military Zone SalehTaimas.

For his part, Deputy Governor of Hadhramout for the Valley and Desert Affairs Isam al-Katheri said we say to all malicious hands whichharm the stability and public security enough to what you do and resort to your reason or death is waiting for you.

We are celebrating today the graduation of attendants of soldiers from Hadhramout the Valley and the Desert to join their colleagues in the Yemeni military force for defending the sovereignty and independence of Yemen and protecting its security against terrorism, said commander of the Arab Coalition Forces in Hadhramout Abu Salem.

Soldiers made use of this course, which lasted for 45 days, a number of basic military knowledge and some fighting skills, said Commander of the Course major MuradSa’ad.

A military parade has been made for the graduated soldiers during which they showed skills they learned and methods of self-defense.


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