11 militias inculding leader killed in Taiz

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As many as 11 Houthi-Saleh militias, including a field leader, were killed in confrontations with national army west and east Taiz governorate.

A military source confirmed to September Net that the army engaged in heavy confrontations with militia in al-Rawais front eastern Mocha last night.

The source said the army manged to kill ten rebels and wounded many others before forcing them to flee and retreat.

He said the Arab coalition aircraft and artillery forces of the army heavily pounded rallies and military equipment of militias in al-Hameli, causing causalities among them and losses in materials.

Local sources in Dhamar affirmed the killing of the leader Mohamed al-Dailami who belonged to Houthi rebels from al-Hada district.

In the eastern city of Taiz, the army exchanged violent shelling with rebels, with no details about losses in the miltias ranks yet.



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