Houthis militia cuts salaries of 160, 000 teachers, close 12,000 schools

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Over 160,000 Yemeni teachers had not received their salaries for nearly a year, leaving 4.5 millions children without education in the areas under control of Houthi-Saleh militias, UNICIF said on Thursday.

It confirmed, in its official Twitter feed, that more than 12,000 schools have been closed because of teachers strike on teaching.

Education Unions in the rebels held Sana’a have announced a strike on teaching until salaries be paid.

Houthi-Saleh insurgents, announced earlier, postponement of the new school year to October 15, after it failed to pay dues of teachers, and to find solutions to the strike crisis.

British Ambassey in Yemen said in a statement on its official Facebook account that the country’s education strike is making children more vulnerable to the threat of illegal recruitment in the two-and-a-half-year old conflict.

The Houthi-Saleh militias control over 75% of Yemen resources yet they refuse to pay salaries of puplic servants in thier held provinces, officials in the legitimate government stated.



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