Scores of militia killed in clashes in Taiz

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Violent confrontation continued on Sunday between national army forces and Houthi-Saleh militias eastern Taiz governorate.

Local sources told September Net that fierce clashes erupted between army forces and coup militias after the latter tried to sneak into the positions of NA in Al-Qasr roundabout eastern the city.

The sources added that NA managed to counter militias’ attempts and enforced them to flee after killing 4 infiltrators and wounding others.

Meanwhile, the militias conducted artillery shells on residential neighborhoods eastern Saber mountain as retaliation for its losses on the ground.

In the western parts of Taiz, the army exchanged violent artillery shelling with rebels who were inflicted 4 deaths and others injured in addition to destroyed gun-machine.

Local sources told September Net that the coupists retaliated for its ground losses by conducting artillery shelling on populated villages of Hemiar and makbana districts.

Another military source told September Net that NA managed today to ward off an attempt by militias to infiltrate into its positions in Al-Barkanah and Goa’ah areas of Makbana district.

He added that the rebels suffered number of deaths and injured as a result of their failed attempt.



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